• Founders

  • Kerry and Robin Ray


    In 1972, Kerry Ray started his journey in tree trimming by pruning the trees at his rental house in Reseda, California. He then volunteered to help his LAPD motor officer partner, Randy, trim his parents Ash tree. So, they went out and bought a Homelite chainsaw, climbing gear and a black/orange trucker's rope. Although, neither of them had much experience in tree trimming, they proceeded with vigor and took turns on climbing the large tree for several days until the job was completed. Then, they were referred to a friend with a dead tree needing removal and immediately took on the job as they loved the work.

    A friend of the family with a tree trimming company noticed how hard this duo worked and started giving them all the jobs he did not want. They did not care how big the jobs were and viewed each job as great learning experience and an excellent form of exercise. Kerry continued to educate himself the art of tree trimming by reading books and going out and observing other tree climbers working in the field.