• Tree and Plant Fertilization


    Promotes color and growth for all Turf and Ornamentals

    JTM 8-2-7 with Sea Kelp is specially formulated for maximum color and growth response, as well as providing essential humic, fulvic and amino acids, that naturally promote more active soils for healthier roots and plants. This blend also contains Norwegian Sea Kelp for maximum microbial stimulation.

    This premium granular blend of essential nutrients, soil conditioners and bio-stimulants is designed for use on turf, trees, shrubs and flowers. Use it for pre-plant as well as over-the-top applications.


    • Provides balanced macro and micro-nutrient feeding for optimum plant nutrition
    • Provides immediate and long interval color and growth response
    • Excellent for pre-plant use and rapid establishment
    • Minimizes recovery time from wear and damage
    • Greatly enhances both the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil
    • Dramatically improves beneficial biological activity in the soil


    • Buffers and releases salts, lowering EC
    • Releases nutrients 'locked up# in the soil
    • Balances pH and provides nutrient availability over a wider pH range
    • Increases resistance to disease and pests
    • Increases soil CEC
    • Significantly reduces fertilizer and pesticide requirements
    • Naturally detoxifies soils by breaking down toxic residues
    • Increases vital protein and carbohydrate levels in plants

    JTM 8-2-7 with Sea Kelp does not contain animal proteins or high levels of heavy metals and salts associated with animal bi-products.

    Net weight SO lbs. (22.68 kg)
    Use only as directed.



    Guaranteed Analysis:

    Total Nitrogen (N)............. 8.00%
    5.00% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
    0.5% Urea Nitrogen
    1 .5% Slowly Available Water
    Soluble Nitrogen*
    1.0% Water Insoluble Nitrogen
    Available Phosphate (P205)....2.00%
    Soluble Potash (K20)............ 7.00%
    Calcium (Ca)...................... 3.50%
    Sulfur (S)...................... -....3.00%
    3.00% Combined Sulfur (S)
    Iron (Fe)........................... 2.80%

    Derived from:

    Poatassium sulfate, magnetic rock, ammonium sulfate, methylene ureas, and rock phosphate.

    *1.5% slowty available Nitrogen from methylenediurea and dimethylenetriurea.

    ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOO INGREDIENT(S): 8.00% Humic Acid derived from humic shale ore.
    1% Norwegian Sea Kelp (microbe food)

    Directions for Use:

    For over-the-top use on existing turf & ornamentals:

    * Use 5 -15 pounds per 1000 square feet.

    * Re-apply quarterly or as needed

    For Pre-plant landscape application:

    Turf and Groundcover

    * Apply 30 pounds per 1000 square feet

    Trees and Shrubs (see chart below)


    Container Size:


    1 Gallon

    2oz. (.25 cups)

    2 Gallon

    4 oz. (.50 cups)

    3-5 Gallon

    6 oz. (.75 cups)

    7 Gallon

    10 oz. (1 cups)

    15 Gallon

    19oz. (2 cups)

    24” Box

    45oz. (4.75cups)

    36" Box

    68 oz. (7 cups)

    48" Box

    90 oz. (9.5 cup*)


    Container Planting Mixes

    • Use 10-20 pounds per cubic yard

    Always sweep or Wow off hardscapes before irrigating to avoid staining. Store In a cool dry place. Protect from sunlight.